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Introducing The Barn...

Introducing The Barn…


Our exciting new barn exudes an undeniable beauty having undergone recent renovations that have rendered it a wonderful addition to our estate. With its high ceilings adorned by exquisite hanging chandeliers and rustic wood paneling every detail has been carefully curated to capture the rustic charm of a countryside barn while making a resounding statement.

Elegance and Versatility

With a generous capacity exceeding 300 seated guests, our barn provides the ideal setting for those seeking a grand, lavish celebration or an informal gathering of close friends. The Barn is perfectly suited to accommodate your desires for your special day.


Whether your vision involves cascading draped fabric, cheerful buntings or the enchanting glow of fairy lights, The Barn is a blank canvas awaiting your inspiration. There are no limits when it comes to crafting our barn’s ambiance in a manner that reflects your unique style and preferences.

Spacious Splendor

Located in The Barn our expansive and well-appointed kitchen provides your chosen culinary artisans with ample room to work, ensuring they remain at the heart of the festivities.  There are no corkage fees, offering unfettered flexibility to tailor your day precisely to your preferences.

The Barn is ideally located on site so that it is easy to access from all accommodation and other event spaces on site. Why not arrange a viewing to witness its glory in person?

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